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Breaking News
Old drug - New purpose - Click here Click here October 2016
New cell model to help research - Click here September 2014
  Another step closer for Neuroblastoma - Click here August 2014
Epigenetics and DNA work together to build resistance to Chemo - Click here August 2014
Gold Nano particles used to treat GlioBlastoma - Click here August 2014
Cells belonging to the most aggressive form of brain cancer are blown to smithereens - Click here March 2014
Gene sequencing discovers common driver of childhood brain tumour ependymoma - Click here March 2014
Scientists Find Drug Combination That Could Eliminate Aggressive Brain Cancer - Click here November 2013
Blood test to detect Brain Tumour - Click here November 2013
Immunotherapy improved with new drug - Click here November 2013
Stem cells in Medulloblastoma targeted. - Click here September 2013
Anti-viral drug extends life of people with GBM - Click here September 2013
Potential target for Neuroblastoma - Click here August 2013
Proton treatment for Neuroblastoma - Click here August 2013
Potential treatment for resistant Neuroblastoma - Click here August 2013
Surgery for Low Grade Glioma may increase survival - Click here July 2013
Modified Polio vaccine shrinks brain tumour - Click here July 2013
Nano drug treats agressive brain tumour - Click here July 2013
Potential breakthrough for GBM - Click Here July 2013
Altered Polio virus vaccine for brain tumour - Click here May 2013
Targeting Regulatory T cells may get rid of GBM - Click here May 2013
Brain tumour cells killed by anti-nausea drug - click here March 2013
Gene therepy for children - click here April 2013
More evidence that this surgical technique is good for aggressive brain tumours - Click here April 2013
Lasers treating brain tumour - Click here April 2013
Scientists say they have found a new way of treating Glioblastoma - click here February 2013
Small molecule drug drives cancer cells to death - click here February 2013
Meningioma discovery - Click here Jan 2013
Tumour recurrence at resection margin and how to improve - Click here Jan 2013
Tumour Paint commencing trials this year in USA - Click here Dec 2012
FAK inhibitor has effect against Glioblastoma - Click here. Dec 2012
Promising vaccine trial - Click here Dec 2012
Promising combined Ketogenic diet and Radiation treatment research - Click here Dec 2012
Drug offers extra weeks of quality - Click here Nov 2012
Old drug could help cure Brain Tumour - Click here Nov 2012
Study offers clues to kids brain tumours - Click here Nov 2012
Brain Tumour detected in blood test - Click here Nov 2012
Fluorescent drug improves surgical outcomes for Brain Tumour Patients - Click here Sept 2012
Fasting makes brain tumours more vulnerable to radiation therapy - Click here Sept 2012
Potential drug for deadly brain cancer - Click here Sept 2012
Nano-syringe delivers combination, targeted brain cancer therapy - Click here April 2012
Nanoparticles home in on brain tumours, making surgical removal more accurate - click here April 2012
Blue dye stops cancer spread and make chemo work better - click here April 2012
Local research at UWA shows promise with GBM - click here March 2012
Promising cancer vaccine ahead in enrolments - click here January 2012
Therapy can add years to survival of people with oligodendrogliomas - click here January 2012
New magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) technique provides a definitive diagnosis of brain cancer - click here January 2012
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) associated with somatic mutations in histone H3 -  click here January 2012
New drug formulation shows some promise - click here November 2011
Gene for susceptibility for a certain type of Glioma found - click here October 2011
New drug makes Glioma glow during surgery - click here September 2011
Bad Cholesterol may ignite Glioblastoma - Click here September 2011
Genetic news about Ependymoma - Click here August 2011
Genetic news regarding Oligodendroglioma - Click here August 2011
Genetic news regarding Meningioma - Click here August 2011
Chinese herb for treating leukaemia may help treat brain tumours too - Click here July 2011
New research results on the genetics of Medulloblastoma - Click here June 2011
New brain tumour research laboratory in Adelaide - Click here
May 2011
More MRI's paid for by Australian Government - Click here
May 2011
New electrical device FDA approved for GBM treatment - Click here
April 2011
Professor Michelle Haber wins $5.9m grant for Neuroblastoma research at the Childrens Research Institute NSW - Click here

Immunotherapy video for Neuroblastoma shows promise - Click here
April 2011

April 2011

Understanding Vaccine for GBM results - Click here
April 2011
New signalling pathway discovered - potential treatment target - Click here
April 2011
Use of electrical device for Glioblastoma Click here
April 2011
Extent of surgical resection offers increased survival. Click here
March 2011
Learning to understand diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma Click here
March 2011
Medulloblastoma model more accurately predicts risk of relapse Click here
February 2011
Frail Elderly Benefit From Post-Op Temozolomide for Glioblastoma Click here
December 2010
Aggressive surgery best for children with brain tumours. Click here
December 2010
Brain Tumour cells change into their own blood vessels Click here
November 2010
Curcumin, the golden spice from Indian saffron, is a chemosensitizer and radiosensitizer for tumors and chemoprotector and radioprotector for normal organs.  Click here
November 2010
Press release from UK Research Trust regarding new cancer vaccine trial. Click here
October 2010
Article regarding use of Curcumin as an Anti GBM agent - Click here
August 2010
Email just arrived regarding Medicare Private agreeing to pay for 75% of the cost of Avastin treatment for a patient going to Westmead who has the "extras cover". See OzBrainTumour email at yahoo groups, you need to join up.
August 2010
Article regarding increased survival for people with GBM - Click here
June 2010
Article regarding use of geneticaly modified stem cells to treat glioma - Click here
June 2010
49.2 pct of GBM patients disease progression free at 18 months. Click here
June 2010
Article and video on new technique to highlight Brain cancer cells during surgery. Click here
May 2010
Article in the New Scientist May 2010 edition
Talks of the backup glucose system that cancer uses and how scientists can target this system. Seems to work for GBM, to extend survival time.

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May 2010
Glioblastoma has four subtypes Click here January 2010
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