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James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc.

financial & other support
financial Assistance
When an adult or child is diagnosed with brain cancer or brain tumour it can happen that a parent may have to give up his or her job to stay home and care for themselves or their child. It can also happen that with the high cost of medical treatment, and no strong support system to help, the family can find themselves in severe financial difficulties.
The James Crofts Hope Foundation runs a periodic sausage sizzle to bring in much needed funds to allow assistance up to $3000 per family to assist with treatment costs or expenses related to brain tumour after other avenues of financial assistance have been exhausted. The JCHF sees itself as a safety net for people in necessitous circumstances.
The JCHF requires a letter confirming brain tumour and a copy of a receipt for expenses related to the brain tumour. Both can be emailed as attachements.

The following organizations may be able to assist with financial help:
Cancer Foundation of WA – 13 11 20
(08) 9489 7300
AH Crawford Lodge
55 Monash Ave, NEDLANDS 6009
Provides limited temporary financial assistance. Make applications through the hospital Social Worker.

Redkite provides financial support for children. See your hospital Social Worker for details

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cancer support
132 Westfield St
Conducted by a Cancer Foundation Nurse at the Maddington Community Health on the First Monday of the month. 

Meeting Room 1
Lotteries House
7 Anzac Place
Conducted by CanConnect nurse supervisor. Meeting held first Tuesday of the month. 

Midlands Hills Cancer Group
Midland Regional Centre
6 Burgess St
Conducted by CanConnect nurse supervision. Meetings held first Tuesday of each month. 

Take the Pressure Off
Cancer Foundation
Sessions designed to assist people who suffer anxiety, depression or stress resulting from the diagnosis of cancer. Cancer Foundation counsellors run four-weekly sessions yearly. Registration is required. 

Busselton Cancer Support Group
(08) 9754 2880 or (08) 9754 4780
122 Adelaide Tce
Regular meetings with guest speakers. Meetings every second Thursday, alternation between morning and evening times. 

Cancer Support Association of WA Inc
(08) 9384 3544 - Care Line (24 hours) (08) 9385 3357
80 Railway St

(08) 6380 1884 (WA number)
Australian Organisation for Young People living with Cancer.

Anglicare (Anglican Health and Welfare Services Inc)
Anglican Church of Australia

(08) 9321 7033
Geoffrey Sambell Centre
Ground Floor, 42 Colin St
West Perth 6005
Contact for emergency crisis aid, counselling, food and blankets. The above phone number will direct you to your nearest Anglicare Centre.

Disabilities, Sickness and Carers
- 13 27 17 (the cost of a local call)
The Social Workers are available in regional centres to provide information on Commonwealth Government disability, sickness and carers payments. People with financial, personal or family problems can be assisted. Ring 13 10 21 to book an appointment to see a Social Worker.

REDKITE (formally The Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children (WA))
(08) 9382 3321
C/- Princess Margaret Hospital
Roberts Rd
Subiaco 6008
Provides immediate and practical financial support to families with a child suffering from cancer or leukaemia.

St Vincent De Paul Society (WA)
(08) 9325 3472
15 Bronte St
East Perth 6004
Supply food parcels, furniture, clothing to people in need.

Taxi User Subsidy Scheme
Dept Transport. (08) 9216 8109
P.O. Box 7272
Cloisters Square
Perth 6000
Provides improved transport for people with severe permanent disabilities. Allows 50% or 75% subsidy for taxi fares for members
To become a member, make out an application from the Taxi User Scheme, which needs to be filled out by the applicant and your doctor. Also provides half price travel on inter-town rail and road coach services to carers who accompany someone with severe physical disabilities.
Full details: ring (08) 9216 8759.

Wesley Mission - (08) 9335 8898
13 Queen St
Contact Wesley Mission if you require financial counselling, budget education, debt negotiation, and some emergency relief.

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emotional support 
We know that children, and families of children diagnosed with cancer, go through periods of incredible stress and grief as to what is happening to the child.

There are many organizations which are able to provide emotional support, and psychological and grief counselling to children and families of children diagnosed with brain tumours and brain cancers.

Contact the social worker at your local hospital, your oncologist, hospital or local community.

WA Psycho-Oncology Service
Clinical psychologists offer specialist help with the often complex emotional journey of cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Phone: (08) 9382 7480

Murdoch Community Hospice
(08) 9366 1366
100 Murdoch Dve
Facilitated by an experienced counsellor, this group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. 1.00 – 3pm. Attendance free, transport assistance available.

WISH – Western Institute of Self Help
(08) 9228 4488 - 1800 195 575 (free call)
335-337 Pier St
PERTH 6000
Promotes self-help throughout WA. Assists groups to establish their own groups. Opens Mon-Thurs. 9am – 4pm.

Crisis Care – Family Helpline
Dept of Family and Children’s Services
(08) 9223 1111 (crisis care) - 1800 643 000 (free call)
A confidential telephone counselling service. Operates 24 hours daily, 7 days per week.

Kids Help Line
1800 55 1800 (free call)

Lifeline - Living Stone Foundation Inc.
(08) 942 1114 - 13 11 14 (crisis telephone line 24 hours)
24 hour service.

Psychology Services - Family and Children’s Services
(08) 9350 7225
Family counselling, an appointment is required.

Relationships Australia
(08) 9489 6363
115 Cambridge St
A non-profit service for relationships including counselling and mediation.

The Samaritans
(08) 9388 555 (emergency line)
(08) 9388 2500 (youth line)
1800 198 313 (toll free country line)
Albany Office: (08) 9842 2776
Provides 24hour emotional support of anyone feeling depressed or suicidal. Non-religious, non-profit, confidential.

Ronald McDonald House - Home Away From Home Inc. 
(08) 9382 2960
20 York St
Provides accommodation and support for families of children with cancer or a life threatening illness.

Starlight Children’s Foundation
(08) 9288 3049
604 Newcastle St
Aims to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families. Provides entertainment both in and out of hospital throughout Australia.

Make-a-wish Foundation Australia
(08) 9381 6833
Suite 6
95 Hay St
Subiaco 6008
Grants wishes to children up to age 18 years who suffer from life-threatening illness.

Wig Library
Cancer Foundation of Western Australia - 13 11 20
AH Crawford Lodge
55 Monash Ave
Nedlands 6009
Provides a wig library and turbans to cancer patients at no cost. Open 10 a.m. to 1pm. Monday to Friday.

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getting away from it all
Canteen in Australia is a wonderful support group, empowering teenagers living with cancer, by providing a high quality peer support network of teenagers living with cancer. It also supports the other children in the family, that is, their brothers and sisters, who share experiences, home fun, offer resources and promote understanding, well-being and leadership.
Can teen
(08) 6380 1884
Australian Organisation for Young People living with Cancer.

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Cancer Foundation WA
Cancer Helpline - 13 11 20

Crawford House Day Centre
(08) 9381 2070
Respite for families caring for a seriously ill family member.

Australian Red Cross Carer Respite Centres 
(08) 9325 5111 - 1800 059 059

Carer’s Association of Western Australia

(08) 9444 5922 - 1800 242 636 (free call)
182 Lord Street, Perth WA 6000
National Carers Association Website

Carer Support Group – Murdoch Community Hospice.

(08) 9366 1366

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Neurological Council Home & Community Care Program
(08) 9346 7533
Respite care services are available to the primary care giver. Services are brokered to an appropriate care organization at the discretion of the coordinator where financial constraints exist.

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Palliative Care
There are a significant number of organizations who provide palliative, hospice and in-house care to patients and their families.
CONTACT US to find out the closest organization to you.

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Taking Time Out – Parents’ and Carers Time Out
When your child or family member has been diagnosed with cancer, sometimes it is all too much! There are a range of organizations that provide accommodation to parents and carers.
CONTACT US to find out the closest organization to you.

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– 13 23 00, 13 27 17
200 St George’s Terrace
PERTH 6000
Assistance provided where a bereavement occurs in a family, includes payments from Centrelink.

Funerals – State Government Assistance
(08) 9222 2502 or (08) 9222 2591
189 Royal St
Arranges payment for funeral where the family is unable to meet the costs of burial. May contribute $70 towards to cost of a privately arranged funeral.

Silver Chain Bereavement Drop-In Centres
Silver Chain Hospice Care Service
(08) 9204 1233
6 Sundercombe St
Bereavement follow-up, social activities for relatives and friends of patients who have been nursed by the Hospice Care Service. Three drop-in centres are in Bayswater, Gosnells and Rockingham.

Compassionate Friends of WA
(08) 9486 8711 - 1800 628 (country callers)
City West Lotteries House
2 Delhi St
Self help group for bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents.

Grief Support Service – Silver Chain
1300 554 123 - (08) 9242 0242 (after hours)
Claremont and Rockingham
Counselling by appointment with counsellors experienced in grief, loss and bereavement. Small fee to cover running costs.

Contact us

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