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James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc.

who & why
Who are we.

The James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc. was formed in February 2001, in Perth, Western Australia. It is a licensed and registered charity, dedicated to assist brain tumour sufferers in Australia and to support their carers and family in any way that we can.



Why are we here.

A young and courageous 12 year old boy, James Crofts was fighting a very rare and aggressive form of brain tumour – glioblastoma multiforma, grade 4. He had been sent home many times to die, but due to his sheer will and strength of character he lived far beyond the time anyone had expected. James had undergone two major brain surgeries as well as chemotherapy.

In February 2001 James was befriended by a country and western music star in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. Joey Edwards paid for James and his parents to travel to America to undergo a genetic therapy.

Due to the prohibitive costs of treatment, his extended family in Perth, Western Australia established the James Crofts Hope Foundation to help pay for James’ treatment, and to spread hope to those families in need, with children and adults who had been diagnosed with brain cancer or brain tumours.

Sadly, James died in June 2001. It was his fervent wish that the Foundation would continue to help other people diagnosed with brain cancer and brain tumours, both adults and children, their families, and carers.

The James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc. has established this online Resource Centre where brain tumour patients and their carers and family can access information about the various types of cancers.