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The James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc. can only help others with the generosity and kindness of people and companies who sponsor us, or contribute to our fund-raising events.

There are many ways in which you, as an individual, or your company can help.

  • Become one of our volunteers that can spread the word of our events and help out when you're able to. Let us know so you can be on our list of contacts.

  • Attending fundraising events 

  • Adopting us as your or your business' charity for the year, i.e. business donations and corporate sponsorship

  • Direct deposit into our fundraising account (here)

  • Allowing payroll deduction

  • Conducting fundraising events for us at your workplace or in your communities - dress down days, fun runs, raffles, etc.

  • Spreading the word about who we are, what we do & why people should help

  • Donate



You can donate your time and skills to help us create and run fundraising events.


All money goes towards helping those with brain tumours and supporting their families.

Any donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Our wish list of goods and services are currently:

  • An office preferably at "The Niche" - there are ongoing tenancy costs.

  • A multimedia computer for generating marketing and educational material.

  • A large network enabled duplex multifunctional printer to generate booklets and brochures, newsletters.

  • A laptop and projector for onsite educational presentations.

  • A marketing budget. To enlist graphic designer and marketing company.

  • A press release budget.

  • A car for home visits and patient transport to include fuel, with potential to visit country clients.

  • Strategic plan finance.

  • Needs analysis costs for members and non members (public and private) with brain tumour from around the state of WA.

What we can do with your donation.

  • $20/fortnight would finance a monthly support group meeting

  • $50/fortnight would enable home and hospital visits

  • $100/fortnight would finance a monthly newsletter

  • $500/fortnight would finance a research project.

  • $2000/fortnight would fund a full time employee

  • $2000 would finance a Brain Tumour Expo annually in which medical experts and allied health professionals would give their time to address an audience of those seeking information on Brain Tumours with the  most up to date information, and advancement news in medical treatments for terminal ill people with Brain Tumours, and survivors.

  • $3,000 would finance desperately needed medication not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

  • $6,000 would finance an internship for a promising PHD Researcher on a Brain tumour specific research project.

  • $50,000 would finance one car which could be used to visit those terminally ill with Brain Tumour at home and provide help around the clock when needed.

  • $2 Million dollars will finance the establishment of a self funding, University of Western Australia Professorial Chair in Brain Tumours by the James Crofts Hope Foundation which will significantly contribute to the research into Brain Tumours and assist in the development of a research Centre of excellence for specifically Brain Tumours which have a terminal prognosis.

  • Any size donations are also desperately needed for supporting terminally ill cancer patients in necessitous circumstances who otherwise would not get the help that they and their families need.


In Person

Come see us at

Innaloo, Perth, WA


Help us, help families by donating online.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Over the Phone

President   0416 118 077


Secretary   0428 247 319

By Email

Why Help Us?

Why Give To the James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc.?

Your assistance to the Foundation will help patients and their families to cope with the added stresses and trauma resulting from diagnosis and treatment.

You could be helping someone you know.

We are a completely volunteer, not-for-profit organisation based in Western Australia, but serving all of Australia.
All money donated goes directly to where it should go - in helping people with brain cancer and brain tumour and their families.


Help Us , Help Families.

The James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc. was formed to assist not only the patients diagnosed with brain cancer or brain tumours, but also to provide on-going assistance to their families.  We believe that it is vitally important to involve the whole family and the extended families in the healing process.

The success of the Foundation does not rest solely on the Foundation members. A group of dedicated volunteers form the basis of our support system, together with enthusiastic sponsors and information supplied to the families of cancer patients, all of which are designed to empower the individual, or parents of children, to make informed decisions on their treatment.

There are many people who have the desire to help others in their community who need assistance.  They feel that it is their way of giving back to the community in ways that makes them feel they can make a difference. 


Any money, which you donate to the James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc., is fully tax deductible.
No member of the Foundation receives any remuneration for their services.

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