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Bevan Taylor's Story

I am a 36 yr old Australian male who was diagnosed with a an Oligodendroglioma in the left frontal lobe on 01.01.2000. "Happy New Year."

I started sleepwalking in 1990 and from 1990 - 2000 I suffered from massive headaches, nausea, memory loss, severe behavioural swings and these symptoms would kick in and out at their leisure.

My main problem was that no-one believed I was sick and that I was just lazy and was an idiot.  So much so I believed it and in 1995 I attempted suicide by gassing myself in the car.  Obviously it didn't work, thank God.

Don't let anyone tell you are not ill when you know you are.  Get a CT or MRI as soon as possible.  Don't let "It can't happen to me" stop you.

I was in the military and have a very detailed medical record of these events and would be happy to share any of my knowledge with others.  I have had surgery and am still on the road to recovery.

Bevan Taylor

Howlong, NSW


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