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Bobby's Story

Bobby jsut a couple months old when he was diagnosed with A Typical Rhabdoid Tumour (AT/RT).

My family and I moved from New Zealand on 14/12/05 and I was seven months pregnant. I had a cute little boy on 25/02/06, we named him Bobby. There was something special about Bobby. He was born in a sac.

My whole world came crashing down when Bobby got rushed to Royal Brisbane Children's hospital after a cat scan showed a lot of fluid on the brain but also a lump in the middle of his brain.

He had surgery a couple of days later to take a biopsy of the lump and to relieve the pressure from the fluid. It was a long and harrowing wait for the results of this biopsy. The results - a brain tumour called "A Typical Rhabdoid Tumour (AT/RT)". He only had 3 weeks to live.

He deteriorated very fast. Feeding through a tube and taking morphine to ease some of the pain. Bobby passed away at the age of 7 months old on 28/09/06.

My world feels empty without my little boy. I want him to come back to me so i can hold him again.

Nothing like this has ever happened in our families so this shocked everyone. I cannot wait to see my son, he was my life, my world, my everything!

Jamie Tawa and Martin Hill


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