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Cassandra's Fathers Story (Continued)

After 22 brave months, my dad finally lost his long hard fight with his GBM at the end of Jan this year, 2010.

I prayed and wished so hard this day would never come, I had hoped with all my heart that we would be one of the few lucky ones and he would be able to beat this horrible, aggressive disease, I imagined that this was all a bad nightmare and I would wake up soon to a healthy dad... my complete family.

But the reality is: life is crazy sometimes and I know my life will never be the same again. I love you Dad and you will forever be in my heart.

On behalf of my myself, my dad and my family I would like to specially thank the James Croft Foundation for giving their support when so many other organisations wouldn't or couldn't. The support you gave us was exactly what we needed at the time and we are forever grateful.

Thankyou for doing the work that you do, being kind and showing compassion to all the people you help!

You are doing beautiful, meaningful and soulful work.



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